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Top 5 Reasons MSPs Should Replace Client VPNs with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 

When’s the last time a client asked you for a ZTNA solution? While a few network security-savvy and buzzword-motivated clients may ask their IT service provider for a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, the vast majority will not. But that doesn’t mean they won’t start asking soon, or that you shouldn’t be offering one now.  

Most of your clients would benefit tremendously by moving to a ZTNA solution -- especially those who are still using a legacy VPN for their hybrid and remote workers. According to our market survey, hybrid work is here to stay. A full 87% of companies will maintain a hybrid workplace even after Covid, and they will need secure, dependable, fast remote access.  

Join Us To Discover: 

  •  The vulnerabilities and flaws of legacy VPNs in the modern network and how this can drastically hinder your security efforts in today’s hybrid work environments. 
  • ​ How to scale networking and security and get your clients up and running in less than 15 minutes!  
  • ​ A new ZTNA solution enable you to increase your market share, boost retention, and achieve continual revenue growth. 
  • ​ And Much More!

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  • Understand The Cybersecurity Risks Of The New World Of Work
  • ​Learn About The Need For Zero Trust Networking
  • ​Explore The Key Reasons To Replace Your VPN With Cloud-Based Zero Trust
  • ​Discover The Unique Advantages Of Perimeter 81's Radically Simple Cybersecurity
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