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Three Key Strategies MSPs MUST Focus On NOW To Take Advantage Of The Massive Opportunities In Cyber Security 

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While the market for managed security services continues to accelerate, MSPs still face business challenges around competition, revenue growth, profitability, and winning new customers. 

In this EXCLUSIVE video, Josh Pederson (Product Marketing Director, Malwarebytes) and Jeff Johnson (VP, MSP Success Magazine) discuss three key strategies that MSPs can focus on to help solve these challenges and grow their security business. 

One of our top MSPs will also be joining us to share their real-world experience working with Malwarebytes to build a thriving MSP business.

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  • How to STOP being treated like a "commodity" and being judged based on price and the Top 3 Ways MSPs Can Stand Out In The Crowd
  • Tired of feeling like a "sales person" and having to do a lot of convincing. This week you'll see how to have clients and prospects look at you as an expert consultant with 4 Ways To Build Trust And Authority
  • Discover the TOP reasons that customers leave their current "IT guy" and how to provide amazing service so you increase referrals and keep customers for life!
  • REVEALED: The top FOUR things "best-in-class" MSPs do to build a profitable winning security business.
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Josh Pederson
Product Marketing Manager
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