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See A Live-Action Demonstration Of A Revolutionary Gamified Cybersecurity and Compliance Awareness Platform That Your Clients Will Actually Want To Use

While attackers continue to target MSPs and their customers with increasingly complex phishing emails and social engineering scams, employees are still as vulnerable as ever. Most cyber security awareness programs are boring, disliked or non-existent, and awareness training vendors are not offering anything new to address the problem.

In this video, veteran security awareness professional Scott Wright teams up with MSP expert and advocate JP Jauvin, to bring MSP's a security awareness solution never before seen by MSPs and the first ever gamified learning platform for awareness. Scott and JP provide the answers to why awareness solutions have not been effective, and will explain why gamified learning is perfectly suited to solving the employee awareness problem faced by every MSP.

Techno Global Team

Discover How To Save $80k, Grow Your MSP Faster, And Get Rid Of The Tasks You Hate Most By Tapping Into The Global Talent Pool

In this webinar, Peter Bell, Co-Founder of one of Australia’s leading MSPs, Techno Phobia, will share with you the tools, techniques and proven road map that helped his MSP save over $2 million dollars in just five years.

Peter will also be joined by a panel of industry experts who have implemented offshore teams and assisted many MSPs in their
offshore journey.

Dell Expert Network

How To Quickly Tap Into The Three Hottest And Fastest Growing Segments Of 2021 For Profits And Growth

In today's new virtual and remote working environments, there are new opportunities to engage your existing and new business customers. Multiple segments of the IT channel are currently growing at double-digit growth. In this interactive session, we will review the current market conditions and business segments that will be growing over the next 12 months.

In addition, you will learn about various demand generation resources that are available from Dell Expert Network & Intel to help you better engage with your business customers to aid in your virtual events, social selling, and virtual information sessions. If you are a business owner or sales professional that wants to raise the engagement with your customers over the next 12 months, this session is for you.


Discover How To Get Your Share (Or More!!!) Of This Revenue Stream Which Is Expected To Grow By 436%* In The Next Five Years

The market opportunity for selling and managing cloud communications has seen tremendous growth in 2020 and is expected to continue to grow at a tremendous pace. The business world has realized that an underlying key to success is the ability to seamlessly maintain communication – both internal and customer-facing – from the office, at home, or anywhere in between. If they haven’t already, your customers and prospects will be looking to move their on-premises phone systems to the cloud to support this need.

So don’t wait! Make sure you attend this webinar to understand how you can capture new revenue streams during this expansive cloud communications growth period and help position your customers for long-term success.


How to Revolutionize Your MSP with Identity Access Management (IAM)

Identity Access Management (IAM) is a foundational technology for cloud, security, and end user productivity. IAM is a modern more effective way to control access and reduce data breaches vs. legacy approaches like MFA+ PW Vaulting. Join OneLogin’s Stephen Newhauser, Senior Manager of Global MSP Practice and Trevor Huntting, OneLogin Solution Engineer, for a fun and informative discussion on these topics:

Improve your operational efficiencies by increasing the speed of employee on-boarding and reducing the volume of IT helpdesk password resets ---- Strengthen security by leveraging modern authentication + security standards like SAML, MFA and SSO ---- ​Improve customer satisfaction, increase customer retention, and grow your cloud security line of business Differentiate your service offering by working with a proven Identity Access Management leader ---- ​Learn how other MSPs are packaging and delivering a modern security package


Create Monthly Recurring Revenue Without Monthly Recurring Work: How To Monetize Relationships
With Your Customers

Creating new opportunities for MRR is nearly impossible and too much heavy lifting – right? Wrong.

Learn how to earn MRR with not one, or two, but three solutions integrated into one program. Join Ted Roller, Ryan Goodman, Zac Paulson and Julie Marvelli to understand how to create competitive advantage with ConnectBooster, REV and Channel Dynamics.


Why Anti-Virus Software Sucks And The EZ Way To Create A Security Stack That Actually Works

It seems like every day there are new tools, services and companies coming out that ALL say you need them to build a balanced security stack. This can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive. On this exclusive MSP Success video, you'll discover how to implement a "zero-trust" model that protects your clients and gives you an easy-to-follow, common sense approach to cybersecurity.


How To Effectively Build And Price Cybersecurity Solutions For Maximum Protection And Profit

Al Alper, CEO of CyberGuard360 knows Cybersecurity. More importantly, having run an MSP - Absolute Logic - for more than 25 years, he knows how MSPs operate and how their clients buy IT and Security solutions. During this webinar, Al will reveal the challenges most MSPs face building and pricing their security solution and reveal what most ignore – the single biggest hole in the attack surface.

SKOUT Cybersecurity

Proven Sales Blueprint For MSPs To Close High Dollar Cybersecurity Contracts

Learn a cybersecurity sales process that is proven to work for MSPs. MSPs all over the world are currently using this method to get high dollar cyber-as-a-service contracts signed. The sales process was developed by SKOUT Founder and CEO Aidan Kehoe. He used it to sign his first 100 Managed Security customers when he started the business.


How MSPs Can Build A Strong Security Foundation Using 5 Easy To Follow Tasks

Discover how Liongard can help strengthen your MSP's security posture. As an automation platform built for MSPs to document, audit and secure systems, Liongard supports both the NIST Framework and CIS Controls.

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