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How To Effectively Build And Price Cybersecurity Solutions For Maximum Protection And Profit

Al Alper, CEO of CyberGuard360 knows Cybersecurity. More importantly, having run an MSP - Absolute Logic - for more than 25 years, he knows how MSPs operate and how their clients buy IT and Security solutions. During this webinar, Al will reveal the challenges most MSPs face building and pricing their security solution and reveal what most ignore – the single biggest hole in the attack surface.

SKOUT Cybersecurity

Proven Sales Blueprint For MSPs To Close High Dollar Cybersecurity Contracts

Learn a cybersecurity sales process that is proven to work for MSPs. MSPs all over the world are currently using this method to get high dollar cyber-as-a-service contracts signed. The sales process was developed by SKOUT Founder and CEO Aidan Kehoe. He used it to sign his first 100 Managed Security customers when he started the business.


How MSPs Can Build A Strong Security Foundation Using 5 Easy To Follow Tasks

Discover how Liongard can help strengthen your MSP's security posture. As an automation platform built for MSPs to document, audit and secure systems, Liongard supports both the NIST Framework and CIS Controls.

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Why Anti-Virus Software Sucks And
Why It Will Never Work

Threatlocker co-founder and CEO has a bold stance on anti-virus. Do you agree? I think you will after watching this video. For more go to:

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