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The 3 Most Common DNS Misconfigurations That Can Decrease Your Clients' Cybersecurity Protection By Up To 33%

Here's What You'll Discover In This Video

Learn How To Fix These Misconfigurations Most MSPs Never Even Knew They Had

It’s no secret that a bad configuration can have serious consequences for your IT infrastructure. Pointing to the wrong network might mean what you think is working isn’t actually working. A poor deployment can also mean more work for you down the road. In this video, we’ll be tackling misconfiguration issues and how you can avoid them.

How the shift to remote work has INCREASED unknown misconfigurations and how to detect and correct them

How to block brand new, never-before-seen threats up to 59 hours before other content filtering providers.

The #1 strategy you MUST implement to protect against threats when using a VPN

Discover the ONLY DNS threat protection that provides REAL-TIME domain analysis increasing cybersecurity protection.
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