How MSPs Can Host A Spooky Good, Sales-Generating Cybersecurity Event

What You Will Learn When You Watch

The world of digital risk can be a scary place. Horrors lurk around every corner, just waiting for the opportunity to pounce on an unsuspecting business and deploy malware, steal data and unleash other terrible attacks. That thing under the bed? It’s ransomware. The scratching at the window? That’s spear phishing. And the eyes that are upon you from the closet? That’s a data breach. The monsters of cybersecurity are a very real danger for every business and are every IT professional’s nightmare.

But there is hope that businesses can fend off these foul fiends and stay safe from trouble. Join Amelia Paro with ID Agent to learn how to protect organizations against the ghouls and ghosts that are headed their way, prevent future curses, and discover how to put on the best cybersecurity event where prospects will want to ATTEND and BUY your services.