Boost Your Business (& Your Bottom Line) With These Tools For MSPs

Mimecast: Protect your customers’ email systems. Sixty-one percent of organizations believe it’s likely orinevitable they’ll suffer a negative business impact from an email borne attack. And in the last year, more than 85% of IT decision-makers say they’ve experienced an impersonation attack. Instead of playing defense, be prepared. Implement a multi-layered security approach including an advanced email security solution such as Mimecast (, a cloud-based email security and compliance platform providing email cloud services for security, archiving, and continuity.

Detective by Charlie: Optimize your sales prospecting. Sales personnel spend as much as one-third of their time researching prospect businesses rather than pitching them. A tool such as Detective ( can help you reduce that time by automating the sales preparation process. Detective combs through hundreds of sources and provides you with a simple, one-page profile on the prospect that you’re preparing to meet with, so reps can stay maniacally focused on selling while still having the intel needed to make each call strategic and powerful.

IT Glue’s Network Glue: Eliminate the manual process of documenting your clients’ networks. Sixtyseven percent of MSPs say they currently document client networks manually and also report that keeping network diagrams up to date is one of their biggest challenges. Reduce the manual effort and speed up your onboarding process while minimizing risk. Network Glue by IT Glue streamlines onboarding and increases visibility into client environments through network documentation automation. Once you remotely install the Network Glue collector at your client’s site, the network diagram and documentation populate automatically into IT Glue. The tool comes equipped with automatic discovery, documentation, and diagramming.

CrewHu: Keep your employees focused and motivated. Employees are often the key to customer satisfaction and retention. Consider implementing an employee engagement tool such as CrewHu ( which uses information related to customer service, including time tracking of projects, response times, churn, and any other related data, to engage and reward your team. CrewHu can help you set employee goals, measure and improve performance, and reward employees for a great job. And it integrates nicely with a number of tools you may already have in your stack, such as Autotask, Connectwise, Kaseya, BrightGauge, IT Glue, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Asana: Focus on the projects and daily tasks that help you grow your business. Every growing MSP knows that a strong project management solution is crucial to building operational efficiency and enabling team collaboration. Asana ( remains among the favored project management tools for MSPs and can help you manage tasks and projects across a team, while offering elements of collaboration and file storage. You can plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you, stay on track, and follow projects and tasks through every stage.